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art for every day

Art for Every Day by Annette Janelle

The greatest gifts of my chosen medium, porcelain, are versatility and potential for functionality. My greatest gift is artistry,

My artwork has character and personality that evokes a wide range of emotion, and most of those emotions bring smiles! As I create, each technical process and artistic decision influences the end product. No two are ever quite alike.

All of my functional items are food safe and dishwasher safe, so they fit right in to anyone's everyday life. My sculpture and other fine art works can add a unique touch to your favorite space, and the wearable collection adds that unique and memorable touch to any outfit. Yes, that still matters at home sometimes!

During trying times of social distancing, surrounding yourself with the things that bring you joy is an act of self-care, but it's not selfish. Your purchases directly support me and help keep my art business alive. 2020 is a hard year, so I hope that my work can continue to spark joy during this difficult bit of history we're trying to survive. Your direct purchases are immensely impactful now more than ever!

Please peruse my collections. Perhaps you will find something that speaks to you. Beautify your home, refresh your daily routine, and support this artist with every purchase!


I am always open to commission work, accepting projects that suit my style and abilities. If you wish to discuss a project, email your ideas to 

Custom Happy Kitty Mugs

If you'd like to order a custom portrait Happy Kitty Mug or planter, please email photos of the cat(s) in question and your size request to to

Pricing structure starting at:

6oz - $40

8oz - $50

10oz - $60

Larger sizes by special request (may not be exact volume)

Recent Custom Artwork

Ceramics is a process-intensive art discipline. Custom orders take a while to complete; your patience is appreciated.