Q: When is the next shop update?

A: Shop updates typically occur near the end of each month, but can sometimes vary in frequency and timing. Keep up to date on shop updates via my Instagram and Patreon.

Q: You just posted about a new update on Instagram. Why can't I find newly listed items on your website?

A: Patreon members get access to new available artwork first, then email subscribers one day later, then general public after that. If all the pieces sell out, they won't be moved to the publicly available collections. You can view a selection of my favorite sold works in the Gallery of Favorites collection.

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: I am currently not accepting commission work except on a very particular basis. 

Q: How much does a piece cost?

A: Every piece I create is a one of a kind work of art. Pricing varies pretty widely depending on the complexity and level of detail in the work as well as the overall aesthetic and functional success of the finished piece. The average cost of my most popular designs is around $125-$300. My most popular designs, people mugs, pots, etc. found in my Isolation Friends collection, range from $125 to $250+. Shipping cost is calculated at checkout and will vary depending on your location. I send everything from my studio here in Arizona.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, with some exceptions. There are a number of Middle Eastern countries that are prohibited from doing trade with the US which I cannot ship to. The purchaser will be responsible for any import fees imposed by their local authorities. 

Q: Can you give me general tips on how to get started making ceramics?

A: If you have very specific questions about techniques or tools that you've seen me using, I'll be happy to answer specific questions about that, but I'm not an instructor. Otherwise, there are tons of free resources online, I recommend enrolling in a class and watching YouTube videos if you want general instruction or information to get started. There are many, many resources out there for beginners at no or low cost!